Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Three Lakes? What is its population?

Our town encompasses 99 square miles, of which about one-third is water. Most of the remaining land mass is wooded. Only about 5% of the total land is developed with homes and businesses. As of 2016 our population was 2,162. However, during the summer months when seasonal residents are present the population swells to several thousand.

How many roads are there in Three Lakes?

We have right at 130 miles of town-maintained roads, with 100 miles of asphalt and the remainder gravel roads. This does not include the federal, state and county roads and highways that pass through town.

What is the Annual Meeting?

Download the Annual Town Meeting Description PDF.

Where can I get Property Tax Information?

You can view Property Tax Information on the Oneida County web site. Click this link to go directly to the Land Records System page.