Broadband Availability

Three Lakes - The Anchor for Technology in the Northwoods of Wisconsin

We offer more broadband coverage and provider options than any other rural community in the Northwoods. Nearly 90% of residents have access to up to four different providers. In Three Lakes you can telecommute or operate a home business while overlooking the greatest water resource in the state. Companies can establish a storefront in our town center, within walking distance of one of the Top 3 libraries in the state, which itself is just down the block from our Top 10 school that believes personalized education partnered with expansive use of technology in the classroom is the pinnacle of a 21st-century education.

High Speed Internet (HSI) is available up to 7 Mbps through Frontier Communications and up to 24.0 Mbps from Karban TV Systems, Inc. Wireless service is currently served via Hughes Satellite and 4G through Cellcom Communications and Verizon Wireless.