Snow Removal

The Town of Three Lakes Town Shop/Road Crew plows/sands/maintains over 100 miles of town roads during the winter season. State and County roads that pass through/by Three Lakes are not maintained by the Town.

There are a few things to keep in mind during snow the removal season ~


Please try to keep the area around your mailbox cleared to ensure that your mail delivery is not interrupted. Snow removal operations occasionally damage mailboxes. Please refer to our Mailbox Replacement Policy prior to seeking reimbursement for damage. If your mailbox was properly installed, but damaged from being struck by one of the Town’s plow trucks, please complete the Mailbox Replacement Damage Report. Our Mailbox Replacement Policy does not cover any mailboxes that are damaged by flying snow from plow trucks or other vehicles.


Per Town Ordinance Sec. 62-5 Snow-Plowing, Clearing and Removal, no resident, citizen, land owner, or business owner may place snow on a town road or highway, or place snow in any town road or highway ditch. This includes plowing the snow from your driveway out into the road or across to the other side of the road. There are enforceable penalties for each cited offense.